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We are a nonprofit organization committed to providing transitioning veterans from every branch of service with an opportunity to embark upon a successful career in the real estate industry.

What we do

Our mission is to connect veterans to our vast network  of veteran owned or operated real estate teams, brokerages, mortgage brokers and other veteran real estate professionals throughout the country. 

Why we do it

"Veterans helping veterans," is the bottomline. Whether it is after 4 or 20 years of service, we understand what it is like to exit the service and wonder what is next. VETS2REPS provides another career option and provides the linkage to a veteran network.

Ultimate goal is to be implemented at Transition Readiness Seminars at every base throughout the nation. Check out this quick video. 

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Download this FREE GUIDE for basic real estate licensing requirements for each state.

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Temecula, California, United States

(760) 679-3427

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All donations to our NON-PROFIT Organization are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. 


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Cesar "Romeo" Guerra

A little about me

My name is Cesar Guerra, friends call me Romeo (childhood nickname). Born and raised in Queens, NY. Joined the Marines Corps in 1998. I spent half of my career as an enlisted Marine. I was a seasoned Staff Sergeant before I applied for and was accepted into the Enlisted Commissioning Program. In 2009, I earned my commission and became an officer. After 20 years of service, I decided to continue down the path of my real estate career and look forward to helping fellow veterans do the same worldwide through Vets2Reps . 

My real estate experience

Currently active in WA and CA. I began "turning houses into homes" for Marines here in sunny SoCal in 2011 while stationed aboard Camp Pendleton. I was later stationed in the beautiful state of Washington, where I earned my real estate license and helped veterans buy and sell homes.  It is also where I created Elite Home Buying Services. 

Elite Home Buying Services LLC

In addition to traditional real estate, I educated myself in how to do off market real estate deals which DOES NOT require licensing, just a whole lot of hustling and grinding. If interested, I can show you how to get started down this path of non-traditional real estate. 

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